• Barin


    “Hey, you guys want to make a lot of money? I’m looking for a few guys who are willing to poke around the mines for a bit…"
  • Garren Onasi

    Garren Onasi

    "Listen, I'm grateful for you guys rescuing me, I really am, but we need to keep moving!"
  • Kurka Desilijic Tiure

    Kurka Desilijic Tiure

    A powerful crime lord of the Desilijic clan and possibly the most feared creature on Nar Shaddaa
  • Puzell


    "I would be willing to aid your hunt, so long as you agree to repay my kindness in the near future…"
  • Qu Rahn (Deceased)

    Qu Rahn (Deceased)

    “You had such promise, such potential abilities… you could have gone far." - To Teres Raul
  • Rault-Saniik (Deceased)

    Rault-Saniik (Deceased)

    "Give Vogga my regards... I always liked him..."
  • Reelo Baruk

    Reelo Baruk

    "He claims to be an honest garbage hauler, but he's really one of the most powerful kingpins in all of Nar Shaddaa—even the Hutts won't touch him." - local smuggler
  • Taarna Renay

    Taarna Renay

    "Point-Nadir? I can find it, sure... but it's gonna cost you more than a few credits..."
  • Vogga the Hutt

    Vogga the Hutt

    “You must hurry to him, he is quite upset as of late, and any tardiness on your behalf is sure to anger him even further, this way!” - Vorn, Vogga's Neimodian Majordomo