The Fell Star

The Fell Star is a talisman in the shape of a seven-pointed star and studded with blue stones. It is a powerful Force artifact and can enhance the powers of Force users.

The Fell Star was created at some point before the formation of the Galactic Republic and some legends claim that it was a Sith talisman. At some point, it was placed with a number of other valuable items in a cache, that was located on the comet Resh 9376, near the shadowport Point Nadir.

The pirate Ghorus Mel and a number of his asssociates discovered the cache and saw the Fell Star. However, the pirates fought each other over their shares of the cache and all of them except Mel were killed. Mel made his way to Point Nadir, but was never able to return to the cache.

After a Balosar named Barin persuaded the party into exploring the mines and lower levels of RESH 9376, the talisman was discovered by Teres Raul who now uses the artifact to increase his mastery over the dark side of the force.

The Fell Star

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