Point Nadir

Point Nadir is a shadowport located on the comet RESH 9376 in the Outer Rim. It was formally established by the Anjiliac Hutt clan built on the remains of a base constructed by the pirate captain Salovan Fische. It is the headquarters for the criminal syndicates, Epsis and Sable Dawn.

Point Nadir was originally constructed as the base of operations for the Corellian pirate captain Salovan Fische. Fische had discovered the long-forgotten comet surveyed hundreds of years prior by astronomers from Corellia. Over more than ten years Fische and his pirate gang constructed a very rudimentary facility within the small underground caverns within the comet. After a run of bad luck and demoralizing living conditions, Fische’s gang betrayed and marooned him on the rock to die a hermit.

The pirates then turned around and sold the location of their established base to the Anjiliac Hutt clan who showed interest Resh 9376 given the potential of an already established base located there. However, exploiting the data was low on their list of priorities and was not acted on until nearly a century later. The Hutts took advantage of the large amount of work accomplished by the mining droids and equipment that had continued working after Fische’s death, until they shut down due to overwork and no maintenance. Using their vast wealth and resources, they were able to take Fische’s rudimentary complex and build it into a central hub for several criminal organizations.

Point Nadir is cloaked in secrecy and those who know of its location either paid for the information from the Ajiliac kajidic, the de facto rulers of the shadowport, or have been invited by one of the two other governing criminal organizations. All ships that approached the comet are recorded and cataloged by Point Nadir traffic control. Those that were authorized to land follow a strict approach vector and flight path. Those ships that failed to adhere to the established flight pattern are ordered to stand down and were questioned about their purpose, often at gunpoint by an Anjiliac boarding party. Any vessel that fails to yield to the orders of a flight controller is given a single warning, after which they are intercepted by defense fighters which rarely returned without destroying their target.

Point Nadir

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