Vogga the Hutt

“You must hurry to him, he is quite upset as of late, and any tardiness on your behalf is sure to anger him even further, this way!” - Vorn, Vogga's Neimodian Majordomo


Vogga is the proprietor of the Corusca Gem Casino and respected buisnessman. He is also the uncle of Barda the Hutt.

Vogga was approached by Reelo Baruk who asked the Hutt to oversee a spice deal on Kessel. Vogga agreed and sent his nephew along with one of his enforcers, Ruukas, a Togorian brute. The deal went sour and the Empire was able to capture the ship above Nar Shaddaa. Vogga then tasked his nephew and his “friends” to investigate the failed mission and to tie up any loose ends before the Hutt finds himself in an unfavorable spot.

Vogga carries with him the same temperment as many of his fellow Hutts. He was however truly hurt when he discovered that his long time friend and buisness partner Rault-Saniik was responsible for the Fortis incident. Vogga doesn’t fear retaliation from Reelo, thinking the Rodian isn’t properly organized to properly attack the Hutt, but the thought of it is always on Vogga’s mind.

Vogga hopes that his nephew Barda will eventually strike out on his own and create a empire of his own. The allowance Barda is granted slightly drains Vogga’s resources, and the younger Hutt has already showed signs of independence such as when he went to speak with Kurka Desilijic Tiure without his uncle’s blessing.

Vogga the Hutt

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