Teres Raul


Jedi 5


Once a promising student of Jedi Master Qu Rhan, the rogue jedi known as Teres Raul has fled to the farthest reaches of the outer rim to escape the clutches of the Galactic Empire. Armed with his master’s lightsaber, his limited knowledge of the force, and an unqenchable thirst for revenge, Teres trains himself in the ways of the Force, hoping to gain power to aid him in hopes of slaying Darth Vader himself.

The death of his master at the hands of Darth Vader had incited a rage in the young jedi padawan and his hatred festered, allowing the Dark Side of the Force to easily get its hooks into the padawan. Teres had great potential and in no time at all he began to master dark and forbidden techniques that would take a normal dark side user years to learn. However, his rage has also turned the former padawan into a hate filled being with uncaring and sometimes sadistic tendencies.

Teres smuggled himself onboard the Fortis during a stop on its way to Kessel and was caught up in the conflict over Nar Shaddaa. Joining Barda the Huttand Ruukasin their escape, the rogue jedi has decided to help the group, if only to gain experience and find a niche in the outer rim.

Teres walks a dark path and will soon submit himself entirely to the dark side of the force, hoping to gain the power of a Sith Lord. He has recently had a vision where his master spoke to him as a a ghost conjured up by the force, but Qu Rhan’s wisdom fell on deaf ears.

Teres has also recently discovered a strange force artifact called The Fell Star, a talisman of great dark power. The dark jedi has begun to experiment with the item’s abilities and found its unique connection the the Dark Side of the Force most interesting.

(Played by Nate)

Teres Raul

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