Soldier 4


A hulking monster and brutal enforcer for Vogga the Hutt, Ruukas is your typical mercenary-minded Togorian. Having worked for Vogga the Hutt for several years as an enforcer at his casino, The Corsuca Gem, Ruukas lived a tough but lucrative lifestyle breaking his boss’ enemies.

Ruukas was asked to assist Vogga’s nephew, Barda as a bodyguard onboard the Fortis. Seeing the trip to Kessel to pick up a shipment of drugs as rather boring, the Togorian was somewhat pleased when imperial stormtroopers boarded the freighter above Nar Shaddaa. The unstoppable brute was able to hold back the imperial boarding party giving the group time to escape. He now follows Barda and Teres as they travel around the outer rim hoping to get more opportunities to battle countless foes.

Standing almost 10 feet tall and weighing about 375 pounds, Teres is a monstrous creature and almost unstoppable in battle. Armed with a massive grav-hammer and a larger debt to Barda, Teres charges into battle with the power of a freighttrain, plowing through enemies. Ruukas has a nasty tendency to borrow much needed funds from Barda and frequently does favors for the hutt to pay him back such as participating in, and winning fighting tournaments. (Played by Kyle)


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