Reelo Baruk

"He claims to be an honest garbage hauler, but he's really one of the most powerful kingpins in all of Nar Shaddaa—even the Hutts won't touch him." - local smuggler


A prominent crime lord based on Nar Shaddaa. To most people he appears to be the head of a local garbage hauling company, working very hard to keep his criminal activity under the radar. His thugs are of many different alien species, and are considered some of the worst scum in the Galaxy.

Using much of his resources to bribe an imperial official on Kessel, Reelo was able to acquire a massive shipment of glitterstim spice from the mining planet, but lacked the additional funds to properly transport and protect his mechandise. Reelo soon contacted Vogga the Hutt, a casino owner and fellow crimelord to oversee the shipment of drugs to ensure that they would make it back to Nar Shaddaa willing to split the profits. However, the ship carrying the spice has boarded by Imperial troops who believed the ship carried an Imperial spy and the crew abandoned ship leaving the spice in the hands of the Empire.

Reelo is furious that the deal went poorly and holds Vogga responsible for the accident. However, the Rodian crime lord hasn’t the credits or manpower to wage a real gang war against the Hutt and waits impatiently for an oppurtunity to get back at those he believed caused him so muich grief.

Reelo Baruk

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