Rault-Saniik (Deceased)

"Give Vogga my regards... I always liked him..."


A long time friend and buisness partner of Vogga the Hutt, Rault-Sannik helped set up the deal involving Vogga, Reelo, and a corrupt Imperial official on Kessel. Secretly, Rault was working with the ISB, helping them investiagte the Imperial official on Kessel and helped set up the whole thing. Rault ordered Kardan Tressek, the captain of the Fortis to alert the ISB of the freighter’s whereabouts.

When Colonel Garm Yarrick got involved and the pressure turned up on all sides for Rault, the Yarkora fled to Point Nadir, hoping that his contacts in the comet would keep him safe. He contacted Sable Dawn to protect him and was kept in a safehouse until he could find a better place to escape to.

Unfortunately, the Yarkora was ratted on by Kardan shortly before he died, and the party hunted him down and killed him, taking his head back to Vogga.

Rault-Saniik (Deceased)

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