Qu Rahn (Deceased)

“You had such promise, such potential abilities… you could have gone far." - To Teres Raul


The former master of Teres Raul, Jedi Master Qu Rhan was killed by Darth Vader shortly after Order 66. Master Rhan gave his lightsaber to his apprentice and faced Vader only with his mastery of the Force, allowing the padawan to escape. Despite his strength in the force, he was eventually cut down by the Sith Lord, his death planting the seeds of Teres’ hatred.

When his former student came close to being completely consumed by the Dark Side, Qu Rhan appeared to Teres in a dreamlike state, pleading him to turn back to the light. When Teres refused to answer, Master Rhan struck, only to be defeated by his pupil’s newfound mastery over Force Lighting. The spectre of Rhan disipated when defeated, and it is unknown if Teres will ever encounter his former master again.

Qu Rahn (Deceased)

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