Kardan Tressk (Deceased)


Scoundrel 1


Kardan Tressk was the pilot of the doomed freighter Fortis and had only recently begun working for Vogga the Hutt. He was approached by Rault-Saniik, one of Vogga’s trusted buisness partners and was asked to keep ISB officals aware of the drug deal that was to be conducted on Kessel. When the party left the mining planet, Tressk sent the coordinates of their intended arrival to the ISB and escaped the ship, leaving the party to die.

When he returned to Nar Shaddaa, he was picked up by the local Imperial regiment, thinking that the Empire was going to honor its promise to place the traitor in protective custody. To his horror, he was brutally torutred and interrogated before being “rescued” by the group before he could provide any information.

Kardan met his end when he was brought before Vogga. The Hutt watched as the traitorous pilot was ripped apart by his pet Nexu as he discussed plans with his nephew Barda.

Kardan Tressk (Deceased)

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