Garren Onasi

"Listen, I'm grateful for you guys rescuing me, I really am, but we need to keep moving!"


Scoundrel 1 / Scout 3


A mysterious man who smuggled himself onto the Fortis, escaping Imperial investigation while he was temporarily on Kessel. The Empire is hunting him down, specifically Colonel Garm Yarrick of the ISB for reasons unknown. He has in his posession an encrypted data cylinder, the contents of it are unknown.

Garren fought in the battle for the Fortis, if only for his own survival and escaped with the rest of the group from the Imperial forces. After sneaking away from the group, Garren was captured by Imperial forces on Nar Shaddaa, and was rescued (unintentionally) by the group, who were hunting down a traitor. Reunited with the code cylinder and a with a burning need to get to the planet Bothwi, Garren has decided to stick with the strange group fate had teamed him with, more out of gratitude for saving his life and protection than real loyalty.

Despite his need to get to Bothwi as soon as possible, the group has been busy sorting out things for Vogga the Hutt, and Garren as basically been dragged along.

Garren Onasi

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