Garm Yarrick


A colonel in the Imperial Security Bureau (or ISB), Garm Yarrick is a man to be feared. With a long and ruthless military history behind him, the colonel is a very powerful and influential member of Imperial Intelligence.

When the ISB conducted an investigation on a corrupt Imperial official on Kessel, Yarrick was at the same time tracking down a spy who carried with him a very important code cylinder containing highly classified military information. Yarrick tracked the spy all the way to Kessel, where he lost the trail. However, he learned that the Imperial govenor sataioned on Kessel had done a deal with some smugglers from Nar Shaddaa. Yarrick took over the operation, thinking that the spy might gain entry onto the ship as it would be one of the very few non-imperial ships to leave the prison planet. Luckily for him, the pilot of the ship, Kardan Tressk, had tipped off the Imperial task force to the ship’s intended destination, and Yarrick was able to sucessfully beat the group to their location.

Unsucessful in capturing the group, Yarrick has decided to orbit Nar Shaddaa onboard the Imperial Star Destroyer _Leviathan _ and conduct an investigation. Fortunately for the group, Yarrick’s efforts have been met with some resistance by the Hutts, who don’t want the Empire interfering with their buisness.

Despite the party’s current good fortune, Colonel Garm Yarrick is a patient man and master stratigest. His influence runs deep across the galaxy, and it is only a matter of time before he gets what he wants.

Garm Yarrick

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