“Hey, you guys want to make a lot of money? I’m looking for a few guys who are willing to poke around the mines for a bit…"


A shifty Balosar who supposedly knows the whereabouts of a legendary treasure somewhere on Point Nadir. He has hired the party to help him locate it and bring it back from deep within the comet.

After spending a great deal of time in the bowels of the comet battling mining droids and the local wildlife, Barin’s treasure hunt proved successful and the group was able to recover a grand haul. The discovery of this long last treasure also uncovered a strange force artifact, a strange talisman.

After the small adventure, the Balosar parted ways with the group presumably leaving Point Nadir to spend his share of the fortune in a more civilized part of the galaxy.


STAR WARS: Dark Age of the Empire Phantom_Hat