Barda the Hutt


Noble 4


"That's your problem right there.. That droid is functioning against us.. I can fix that."

A member of a reasonably powerful crime family based on the smuggler's moon of Nar Shaddaa and the boss' "nephew". Barda has a knack for technological devices and runs a legitimate buisness as a droid repairman while at the same time performing valuable tasks to help his uncle Vogga's more technical problems. Usually seen encased in an armored exoskeleton of his own design, Barda appears intimidating to those who deal with him. The suit allows the hutt to move around far quicker than a hutt's bulk would normally allow it, and it is equipped with a vibrodagger and blaster that the tip of the suit's tail, giving it some resemblance to a scorpion's. Barda was given the honor to oversee a massive shipment of glitterstim spice and was placed in charge of the freighter Fortis. However, due to the actions of Kardan Tressk, a less than trustworthy pilot, the ship caught imperial attention and was boarded, forcing the hutt and his cronies to flee. Since the incident, Barda has gone about doing numerous favors for his uncle hoping to discover what happened onboard the Fortis. Assisted by the fierce Togorian brute Ruukas and the anarchistic rogue jedi Teres Raul, the group has traveled far only to discover the conspiracy is far more than they had anticipated. Using his vast wealth, Barda funds the group's expeditions and hopes that one day he'll start his own criminal empire. (Played by Dustin)

Barda the Hutt

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