STAR WARS: Dark Age of the Empire

The Search for Point Nadir

Shortly after learning that Kardan Tressk was working alongside Rault-Saniik, Vogga sent the party on a mission to hunt down and eliminate his old friend for his unexpected treachery. Vogga believed that Saniik fled to a location called Point Nadir, a hidden shadowport controlled by a rival Hutt Clan. After much investigation and a few fights, the party encountered Taarna Renay, a smuggler who agreed to take the group to the shadowport for a hefty fee.

It was discovered that Point Nadir was located on the comet RESH 9376. The shadowport was home to some of the most vile scum the outer rim could supply, and shortly after setting foot on the comet, the party was approached by EPSIS, one of Point Nadir’s prominent criminal groups. Puzell, a high ranking Duros member of the group was intrigued by Barda’s mechanical appearance and decided to speak with the group. A deal was cut between both parties and Puzzel decided to help the group find Saniik in exchange for a future favor.

After some searching, the group discovered that Saniik bought protection services from a group called Sable Dawn, and was residing in a safe house until he could find a better place to hide from Vogga’s wrath. After a successful raid and an encounter with a force sensitive member of the group, the party was able to locate and behead the traitorou Saniik.

In return for Puzzel’s services, the party then traveled to a wrecked CIS captial ship called the Starworm to recover a valuable piece of technology. After battling through numerous battle droids, the party was able to recover the technology the Duros wanted and parted ways with the criminal on good terms.

Before leaving the comet, the party finally decided to partake in a treasure hunt with a Balosaur named Barin. After exploring the bowels of the comet, the party was able to locate a sizable fortune and a strange force artifact called The Fell Star. The group was later ambushed by more force sensitive Sable Dawn assassins, who were quickly dispatched.



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