STAR WARS: Dark Age of the Empire

Our Story so far...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

The Fortis Incident

Our story began upon the Fortis, a frieghter owned by Vogga the Hutt. The ship had just been involved in a spice deal involving a corrupt imperial official on the prison planet Kessel and was in hyperspace heading back to Nar Shaddaa. Overseeing the deal was Barda the Hutt, a mechanical mastermind and Vogga’s own nephew. Accompanying the Hutt as a bodyguard was Ruukas the Togorian, a brute and enforcer for Barda’s uncle. Unbeknownst to the crew of the Fortis, a pair of unrelated stowaways were also onboard the ship. Teres Raul, a former padawan fleeing to the outer rim from imperial view, and a mysterious man named Garren Onasi.

When the Fortis exited out of hyperspace, the crew of the freighter came face to face with an imperial star destroyer that within seconds began attacking the much smaller ship. Despite Barda’s intended course of action, the shifty pilot Kardan Tressk evacuated the crippled ship as an imperial boarding party moved in, but not before tampering with the ship’s controls, leaving the party to suffer whatever fate the imperial troops had in mind. Luckily, the group was able to fight back the invading party long enough to make a run for the remaining escape pods.

Tracking a Traitor

After reporting that the ship and its load of glitterstim spice was seized by the Empire to Vogga, the party’s patron suspected treachery and demanded that the party hunt down Kardan Tressk for questioning.

Vogga believed that someone had been working with the Empire, but believed that Tressk was too dull to be the sole conspirator. He also thought it was odd that the star destroyer did not simply fire upon the escape pods and that perhaps they feared something of other value was on the ship. After questioning Teres (and learning of his jedi abilities), Vogga offered to employ the padawan if he decided to work for the Hutt. Garren, the second stowaway was also questioned, and after some intimidation hinted that he was involved in some form of espionage against the empire. It was also revealed that Vogga was not behind the whole spice deal, but rather offered to oversee the shipment on behalf of fellow gangster Reelo Baruk, a rodian crime lord who upon learning of the botched deal swore vegeance against all those involved.

While the party gathered information on Tressk’s whereabouts, Garren quietly slipped away, earning the ire of Barda and the rest. Eventually the party tracked down the traitorous pilot but not before the local Imperial garrison got their hands on him.

The group then broke into the garrison and after a long a bloody struggle rescued Tressk as well as Garren (who had been careless while trying to flee the current situation). They also recovered Garren’s Code Cylinder, an item of supposed importance.



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